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The PA Revs 16 U field hockey had a dominant day at Spooky Nook going 3-0-1 to remain undefeated in their last eight games. After tying the first game 3 to 3 they came out with three straight victories and didn’t give up more than two goals the rest of the day. Cami Ofak, Maddie Vajdic, Kaylee Zellers, Emma McConnell, and Laura Wentle all scored goals for the Revs who are now 5-4-2 on the year.


Other Teams




Indoor Winter Series Champions


The 16u Revs Field hockey team bounced back in strong fashion with a first place finish in the Indoor Winter Series Tournament at United Sports in Coatesville. Game 1 saw the Revs win 3-0 as Kaylee Zellers Scored 2 goals.  Game 2 was another Revs win , 3-0, with Zellers adding another pair of goals and Cami Ofak adding a goal of her own. The Revs would tie their final two games (2-2 and 0-0) to finish 2-0-2 which was good enough for the gold.


Northeast Elite





         The Revs Ladies came out on a frigid Sunday morning to face a tough Northeast Elite team. "Who plays any sport at 8 am when it's 33 degrees?" questioned OTS intern Chip Kingsley. We agree that no sport should be played before 10 am, and minimum temperature requirements for full fan comfort should be at least 48 degrees. 

         Regardless, all the Revs had to do was not lose, by 12, and they'd be champions. That's exactly what they did but this game was a true slobberknocker, as my grandpappy would say. Heather Gray, reporting from her car with the heat on said, "I really wanted to watch the game but it was too freaking cold. But it was a good game from what I heard." Nice reporting Heather! In the second half, with the score tied 0-0, Chelsea Carpenter inserted a corner to Jovie Weaver who, after a pass, found Carpenter who drilled it to the back of the cage for a 1-0 lead. Later in the half, Northeast got off a great shot that looked to be dropping into the cage but Riley Michael stepped in front and like Luke Skywalker with a light saber batted the ball away. Chip Kinglsey, self-proclaimed biggest Star Wars fan ever, said he interviewed Riley after the game. "I watched all of the Star Wars movies before the weekend and I just wanted to be like a Jedi," is what Kingsley said Riley said about making that save. Chances are he made that up and our internal affairs investigative unit for journalistic integrity may be looking into it, but it was a beautiful save. 

         Not to be shutout, Northeast Elite took a breakaway with 30 seconds left in the game and was able to punch it in to secure the tie. With the tie, the Revs won the championship! The entire complex erupted in cheers. "I don't remember that much cheering since George Foreman knocked down Joe Frazier in the 1973 heavyweight title fight," said Kingsley. Not sure how he knows that since he's only 23. Probably saw a you tube video somewhere.

         The Revs ladies finished the weekend with an undefeated record of 3-0-2 against very good competition. Congratulations to all of the players and coaches!







         In game 4 of the Shooting Star tournament, the Revs faced a worthy opponent in FHL, whatever that stands for. "Field Hockey Lovers, has to be," surmised our boy Chip Kingsley.

         While the Revs dominated the game and took several shots on goal, none could find the back of the cage. The Revs defense stood tall all game and didn't allow one shot on goal the whole game. The game ended in a 0-0 tie which brings the Revs record to 3-0-1 on the weekend."If someone would've scored, the other team would've lost," Chip reported in a moment of journalistic excellence.


Freedom Hockey




                 It was a chilly morning for field hockey but the Revs stayed hot as a goal in the first half by #13 Jovie Weaver off a corner insert by #37 Chelsea Carpenter was all the offense the ladies would need as they moved to 3-0 in the tournament while the defense played well and was able to stop several corner attempts and lock the Freedom up. "All of that in one big run on sentence is impressive," noted Heather Gray, intern extraordinaire. 

         "Lock the Freedom up! I get it," added Chip Kingsley.


Delaware Shore




         Game 2 of the Shooting Star tournament saw utter domination from the Revs. "A touchdown and a safety was all they needed to win," reported OTS intern Chip Kingsley. We think he was joking when he said that, but we aren't really ever sure, so we just let it go. 

         In the first half, with the Revs up 1-0, #41 Kaylee Zellers ripped a shot that was deflected but #29 Abree was there to collect the rebound and send it to the back of the cage. "We went to Chik-Fil-A for a spicy chicken sandwich meal and peppermint shake between games," reported Kingsley,"and we missed the first goal. Oops." Added Gray, "Had we known Delaware Shore wasn't going to score, we would have left and gone back to Chik-Fil-A."

         Abree would score again after some nice passing from #13 Jovie Weaver and #12 Lilly Rost. Revs were up 3-0 at that point, but the game was far from over. #5 Riley Michael would add a goal to make it 4-0 on "some crazy backhanded flippsy-do shot," Kingsley said. "That goal was sweet!" Scoring another goal on a corner put the Revs up 5-0 and then #6 Tori Cisney backhanded one in to make it 6-0. "I haven't seen a backhand like that since Andre Agassi at Wimbledon in 1997," said Heather Gray. 

         Jovie Weaver would find the back of the cage with a great shot to make it 7-0 and shortly after Zellers would hit paydirt to make it 8-0. Chelsea Carpenter would add the final touch to give the Revs the 9-0 win. It should be noted that Delaware Shore took zero shots on goal, and as a matter of fact only had the ball on the Revs side of the field for a total of 4 seconds, according to Kingsley. "It was actually more like 5," Gray added. "I actually felt bad for the Revs goalie, #99 Laurel Unger. She looked so bored back there, and cold. But it was the best I've ever seen anyone bored and cold, at least!"

         "I haven't seen that type of domination since I beat my 3 year old nephew, Spencer, at Madden on X box in 2018," said Kingsley. "He was terrible and couldn't stop my aerial attack. I don't care if he was 3, I won 78-0. When you're good, you're good."

         With the win, the Revs, who are good, are now 2-0.







         The PA Revs traveled south for the 2021 Shooting Star tournament in Midlothian, Va. OverTime Sports sent interns Heather Gray and Chip Kingsley to cover the team. OverTime Sports Chief of Staff, Chance McDermott, commented that, "Driving route 95 is terrible so Skip (Skipperson), Tad (McFadden), and I really didn't want to go. Naturally, there was no way we were sending Chip by himself because we knew he'd screw something up so we sent Heather along too."       

         Game 1 pitted the Revs against ADK. "Absolutely Don't Know what ADK stands for," said Kingsley who actually said something witty for once.

         "Absolutely didn't matter, either," added Gray. The Revs dominated from the start. 

         #37 Chelsea Carpenter got the scoring party started off an assist from #12 Lilly Rost. ADK would tie it at 1 a piece later but from there it was all Revs. Rost would add a pair of goals herself to put the Revs up 3-1. "Their uniforms are awesome," reported Chip. "Lime green and black might be the best color combo in sports history."   

         Coming out after the half up 3-1, #13 Jovie Weaver would score off a corner and later the Revs would add a 5th goal to end the game at 5-1. "We missed that last goal," said Gray. "Chip was in the bathroom and I found a tent that had all kinds of field hockey gear so I wanted to do some black Friday shopping. Terrible deals though."

         The win puts the Revs at 1-0 on the season. 

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