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The OverTime Sports East Hanover softball team came up with a couple of big wins earlier this week to move into second place and off to playoffs with the QTR Finals Tuesday, May 31st. OTS Intern Heather Gray was on hand to watch the ladies play.

“Hands down the most dominant East Hanover team in history,” reported Heather.

First, in a big win over Middletown,  Addie Jackson pitched a fine game for 3 innings and had a triple to take the lead and Addison Econ came in to pitch in the 4th and shut them down with 2 strikeouts. “Beasts, those two,” said Heather. “They’re way better than I ever was, and as a matter of fact, way better than me now!”


 Addie Jackson ended the game with an unassisted out at 1st to secure the win 10-8. “That play was a webgem. She got the ball, tug the base, and got the out. GAME OVER!” said Gray, pumping her fist.


Our interns are pretty emotional when it comes to OverTime teams winning! Gray went on to explain how  Audrey Ritter, the team’s catcher, had a nice double and Adrianna Martinez was stealing bases all around.  “Adrianna- probably the fastest 6th grader ever. They couldn’t stop her! And then there is Jordan Frye and her athleticism,” reported Heather. “She really keeps  the team going and gets us our runs when we need them.”


According to Gray, everyone played a part in the wins and they have a really fun team!! 


Before that win, the squad had a great win against CD 15 -13 with Addison Econ having 2 strikeouts to end the game and Addie J snagging a  pop-up at 1st running for it out of bounds for the first out of that last inning. “That may have been one of the most beautiful plays I’ve ever seen,” said Gray. “She made it look super easy, but I gave it a 10 on the difficulty scale. We aren’t sure what scale Gray is referring to but we will just go with it. Tough catch by a great young player!

Later in the game, Rocky Snyder made a nice catch in right field and then threw the girl out at first who did not tag up .”Heads up play by the girl,” said Gray, making the “OUT” gesture that umpires use. Another great play was when catcher Jordan Frye threw to Audrey Ritter to get a girl out at third who was taking a big lead. “Huge out on a great play,” Gray exclaimed. “These girls ROCK!”  


Gray caught up with Head Coach, Amanda after the game, but because of her extreme excitement, was unable to secure a decent interview. Regardless, the girls played awesome games and are poised to make a deep playoff run and chase the league championship. Good luck ladies!

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