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PENN FC 2004


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National P.R.O. League Games

The Lady Lightning traveled to Tampa in early February to play 3 more games in the National P.R.O. league. The girls, despite having little outdoor practice time in winter filled Central PA walked away with 3 victories. The team scored 7 goals (3 by Liza Suydam, 2 each by Jamie Swartz and Alex Murphy) and gave up zero. Charlotte Independence (NC), Libertyville 1974 (IL) and Madison 56ers (WI) were the strong opposition. A solid back line and keeper (credit to Paige Flaugh, Rilyn Saner, Hannah Costa, Jaelyn Small and Kate Economopoulos along with Kayla Proch in goal) kept the sheet clean for the ladies against some strong attacking sides.

The league will conclude with one more game against local rival LVU (Lehigh Valley) with the team vying for a Wild Card spot to reach the National Championship event in July.

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