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PENN FC 2004


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The ladies received an invite to play one game in the Maryland United College Showcase on February 26. They faced a strong side in Virginia Union ECNL. Within the first minute, the attack by VU created a chance and they scored to go up 1-0.
Undeterred, the Lightning struck back, scoring 2 in the second half to take the game 2-1.
The first goal was scored by
Liza Suydam after Alex Murphy, working hard on the outside all day, sent a ball into the box. Liza was there to finish and level the score at 1. Late in the game, Melanie Love finished a cross sent into the box by Jamie Swartz after she won a ball and took it down the outside. This is the 4th opponent in a row against an ECNL or Girls Academy opponent and has offered the ladies some challenging games.  

Game Notes:  

Liza hit the cross bar multiple times. She is know for clanking the woodwork so her great finish was well deserved.  

The coaches made a “call up”, adding 3 players from the 2005 team for the game;
Melanie Love, Abby Renaldi, and Lindsey Husic - all made a positive impact on game play.

Virginia Union, aka McLean Youth Soccer, is currently mid table in the ECNL Mid-Atlantic Conference.  

Kayla Proch should get much credit for the win, saving multiple chances by a strong attacking opponent. Photos compliments of Neil Renaldi

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