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PENN FC 2004


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Lightning Struck by Lightning


The ladies learned one way to get stumped - a force of nature - Lightning itself - delayed and then ended their game on Saturday, March 19 against LVU at LDMS Middle School Turf. Controlling the first half, the first strike came from Kate Econ on a bouncing ball in the box. She pushed through a few defenders and knocked the ball into the frame to go up 1-0. Soon after, Isabel Coy drove swiftly down the right side, stepped inside her defender and slotted a shot passed the keeper to take a 2 goal lead. LVU had a good chance to score but some defending, nice goalkeeping by Kayla Proch and the post prevented the ball from reaching the net. Then the clouds rolled in and the game was called - due to Lightning - before the 2nd half could get going! The score is official and is the first game of the National League as well as the final game of the PRO league.


Next up: The Jeff Cup next week. This will be the biggest challenge yet for the Lightning u18 group. They face Loudon VA and PDA Blue of the u19 age group out of the prestigious ECNL league on back to back days as well as the WSC Nirvana, state champs from NY. Best to the ladies!

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