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PENN FC 2004


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Delco 04




Game 2 on Saturday was against ECNL foe FC Delco 04. What was mostly a close match ended up swaying towards the Lightning, who scored 4 goals - Jamie Swartz, Justyce Hollenbach and 2 from Aubrey Strohecker guided by 3 assists by Kristen Economopoulos - ended with the win. "And here I thought the ECNL was the cream of the crop," joked Tad McFadden. "The Lightning girls made it look too easy."   The defense played tough all game. "Delco didn't even sniff the goal," McFadden told us. "I almost felt bad for them and thought maybe the girls should give them a sympathy goal. Almost."Mel Love, Cath Martin, Rylyn Saner, Hannah Costa, and Lindsey Husic helped keeper Kayla Proch keep the clean sheet. "It was the cleanest sheet I've ever seen," reported McFadden. Lightning 04 moves to 2-0 on the year. 

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