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One of the foundations of OverTime Sports is giving back to the community. On Saturday, March 26, the 1st Annual OverTime Sports March Madness Youth Clinic and Skills Competition was held. OTS head of Community Outreach and Basketball Guru, Chance McDermott was on hand. "We love being able to give back to local kids who love sports as much as we do. Plus, I'm a top 10 basketball player of all-time, so I really have a lot of skills to showcase and teach to these young kids. It would be a huge waste of talent if I wasn't there."


The OTS team, with the help of two local Central Dauphin superstars, Christian Wilburn and Andrew Renaldi, ran drills, played games, and had a lot of fun with a group of 6-13 year olds. "Those two CD kids are good. Obviously not as good as me now, or me in 1987," McDermott explained, "but Wilburn handles the ball like it's a soft little newborn chick on Easter and Renaldi looks like he should be playing for Duke."


Also on hand was local youth baseball, basketball, and flag football coach, John Hnatishion (pronounced Nuh-tish-in). " I didn't talk to that guy at all, " said Chance. "He knows more about youth sports than anyone I know, or so I've heard, but did you see his biceps and his pecs? I think his muscles had muscles. I was intimidated."


Having local community figures like the CD Rams players and Coach John is something that made this night special. When others give back to the community, and share the same ideals as OverTime Sports, everyone wins.


Stay tuned for our next free youth sports event coming in June. Two opportunities with soccer on June 20 and baseball and softball on June 22.

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