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4/3/22 12u Division





     The Steelers opened the season on a perfect football weather day in April- Cold and Miserable.

     The Giants would go up 7-0 on an early TD but the Steelers would answer with a long TD run by
Reece Hnatishion. OTS intern Chip Kingsley was on hand but said  "I missed that play and all the others. I stayed in my car with the heater on because I was too cold.”  Reports were gathered by people at the game who are  mentally tougher than Chip, who is one infraction away from being demoted from intern to Director of Tee Ball Operations. The 2 pt conversion would fail to make the score 7-6. Hnatishion would later take a reverse from Cam Enoch all the way to the house to make it 12-7 after another failed 2 pt attempt. We asked the coaches why they kept going for two. “Two is more than one,” they said. “It’s mathematically bigger.”  Good analysis if you ask us. Even Kingsley gets that!
      Later, QB
Semaj Paynter-Matthews, who dropped dimes all day, would find Lennox Bettio for a TD score with the 2 point conversion good on a pass to Quinn Armstrong. 20-7 Steelers at the half.
      A long run by
Hnatishion to the two yard line would set the Steelers up to open the second half but the Giants defense held. They would answer with a long TD run to make it 20-14 but right back came the Steelers who could only be better if they were the Broncos. Paynter- Matthews found Armstrong in the end zone and then hit Bettio for the 2 to put the black and gold up 28-14. The Giants were persistent.  Another long TD pass by the Giants cut the lead to 28-21 but that would be all the scoring for the boys in blue.
      Defensive back
Brady Zellers turned up the heat and applied pressure on the QB all day. In the second half, the pressure resulted in a pick 6 by Hnatishion to make it 34-21. On the next possession Zellers would snag some flags in the end zone for a safety to put the Steelers up 36-21. The Steelers would cap the scoring after another Hnatishion INT on a run by Cam Enoch and the 2 point conversion good on a pass from Paynter-Matthews to Bettio.
     OTS is looking ahead three weeks to a matchup between the Steelers and the Patriots in what Vegas believes could be the 12u CAFFL Super Bowl for Spring 2022.

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