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4/10/22 12u Division





    On a cold, windy, miserable, terrible, awful, and downright stupid weather day, the Chargers and Steelers squared off in a week 2 matchup with the Steelers coming away with an exciting come-from-behind 50-34 victory. Chance McDermott, head of flag football operations was in attendance to capture some of the highlights. "No I wasn't," McDermott explained. "April is supposed to be warm and sunny. Not 45 degrees with a 20 degree wind-chill. I stayed home. No way I was going out in that."   

   Fortunately, some tougher fans were in attendance and submitted these highlights.


   The Chargers charged to a 26-16 halftime lead by charging up their offense and charging down the field as they were charged up from the first charge. It looked like the Steelers would have trouble with the quick running attack of the Bolts, but some crafty halftime adjustments were all the Black and Gold would need to shut the visitors down and allow only 8 points in the second half.


   The defensive charge against the chargers was led by defensive back Brady Zellers who gave the Chargers QB fits all day. Teammate Reece "Rocket" Hnatishion would chip in with a safety to add two points to the scoreboard.


   Offensively, the Steelers got things clicking on all cylinders. Hnatishion would ultimately score 4 TDs a few of them set up by long first down runs by RB Cameron Enoch. QB Semaj Paynter-Matthews, with the wind at his back, unleashed a brilliant aerial attack in the second half with numerous completions to Quinn Armstrong and Lennox Bettio.


   With the win the Steelers improve to 2-0 on the season and will take on the Patriots in 2 weeks in what could be a Super Bowl preview.

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