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Lightning: Back to Back EPSYSA State CUP Champions


Following up a u17 victory in 2021, the ladies from Penn FC 04 Lightning fielded just enough players to "score" victory in the u18 final on June 11, 2022. Playing without a sub, the 11 ladies were able to defeat LVU Black (Lehigh Valley United) by a score of 9-3. The team took a 2-1 lead into the half on goals from sisters Kate and Kristen Economopoulos. The game quickly opened up in the second half on a pair of goals from Jamie Swartz, and Liza Sudyam along with singletons by Kristen Econ, Alex Murphy, and Loren Gehret. Assists by Isabel Coy among great play by Jaelyn Small, Hannah Costa, Lindsey Bull, and keeper Kayla Proch rounded out the day to lead the ladies to the championship victory. Though the team qualified for the Regional Tournament in West Virgina, they will forgo this event and participate in the National Tournament in July as they have already qualified for a spot to play in Orlando, Florida.


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      Econ Wealth Management and OverTime Sports are proud to celebrate local IMPACT athletes. IMPACT athletes display strong values of Integrity, Motivation, Passion, Achievement, Community, and Teamwork

     Econ Wealth Management is proud to announce the IMPACT athlete for the month of June, Deven Jackson. Deven’s story is one of extraordinary adversity and willingness to overcome terrible obstacles that life throws your way. We had the privilege of talking to Deven about his story. We can all take some notes!

     Deven graduated from West Perry High School on Thursday June 2nd. Seems typical for a high school senior. Deven is anything but typical. At the age of 8 he contracted Bacterial Meningitis (Meningococcal septicaemia) and was given a 10% chance to survive. His body fought, and he survived, but at the cost of both his legs below the knee and multiple skin grafts. While it was an adjustment, he was happy to be alive. As he told us, “After multiple surgeries and some setbacks, I was able to return to being an active kid like I was prior to losing my legs. I just had to find a new approach to some things.”

     This is where Deven’s story becomes anything other than ordinary. One of his teachers, Mrs. Hall, told him about wrestling and thought he should give it a try. Her son wrestled and she thought it might be something he could do. He took a signup sheet home and asked his parents if he could give it a try. That year, when he was 10, his wrestling career began. And what an unbelievable career it has been. Over 100 wins later, earning a Trojan War Championship, and two 4th place medals at the PIAA “AA” State Wrestling Championships, Deven has more than overcome adversity. He’s dominated it! He will continue his wrestling career at Elizabethtown College for the Blue Jays while pursuing a degree in criminal justice.

     Overcoming that amount of adversity was a team effort. His parents, the hospital staff, and the local community were all behind Deven each step of the way. “The community provided me and my family with support and prayers during a difficult time and kept my spirits up while I was in the hospital going through all of my surgeries. I am very thankful for all the support me and my family have received over the years.

     As Deven adjusted to his new life, he was able to attend amputee camps as well to try to feel like a normal 8 year old thinking he could do anything and that he was just like everyone else. His parents have always had his back and never told him he couldn’t do something because of his disability. They always told him that he could do anything he wanted, he just might have to work harder than others. Nothing is impossible.

     We asked Deven, who claims he doesn’t eat vegetables which makes cutting weight difficult, what advice he would give to youth wrestlers or any kids battling adversity. “Hard work beats talent and to never give up and to keep fighting for what you love!”

     Good advice from an extraordinary young gentleman. Econ Wealth Management and OverTime Sports wishes Deven nothing but luck in the future. We’re pretty sure his work ethic and attitude will be all he needs to keep the successes coming.


              If you know of young athletes who you’d like to recognize as Econ Wealth Management IMPACT athletes, who display passion, motivation, and the desire to make a difference in their community, let our staff know by emailing


Congratulations to the Econ Wealth Management 55+ Softball Team for being selected

as the Big Hitter Sports Team of the Month for May.

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